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    Greensand Filter Regenerant

    Pro Chemicals provides three unique blends of greensand filter regenerants designed to rid the filter of iron and other minerals. These blends are powerful oxidants that are also effective for use when filtering manganese or hydrogen sulfide.
    Pot Perm®, Pot Perm® Plus

    Sanitizers & Disinfectants

    Pro Chemicals provides superior NSF & EPA approved products formulated for sanitization and disinfection. These are specialized for use in common water treatment equipment.

    Scale & Corrosion Control

    The iron, scale & corrosion control solutions are designed to restore and maintain the life of water systems and equipment. These products are formulated to treat iron, hardness, scale build-up and corrosion.
    Poly Guard® Crystals, Poly-Guard® Crystal Cartridge, Poly Guard® Crystal System, Poly-Guard® Powder,  Poly Guard® Liquid

    Speciality Cleaner

    Pro Chemicals provides a superior specialty cleaner designed to clean, restore and maintain the life of water using appliances. This cleaner is designed to dissolve mineral deposits and increase overall efficiency.

    Water Neutralization

    The specialty line of problem water care solutions are designed to raise or lower pH of problem water or protect against mineral staining and odor. These water treatment chemicals can be administered through chemical injection systems or manually.
    Ban T®, Neutra Sul®, Neutra 5®, Neutra 7®, Neutralizer BlendTM

    Water Softener Cleaners

    Water softener cleaners designed to clean, restore and maintain the life of water softeners. These products are formulated to treat water softeners with iron issues or for daily preventative maintenance.
    Rust Out®, Softener Mate®, Res Care®, Ban T®

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