Water Softeners

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    Clearion 2300 Duplex Series

    Alternating Duplex 2300
    Simple and efficient operation
    No Time of day clock
    Saves salt and water usage by 30% or more
    Power Failure Function
    Option: Soft Water refill and upflow bringing
    7 year warranty


    Clearion 300 Series

    12 VDC operation
    5 cycles, all fully adjustable
    Programming ease and options increase efficiency, save salt and water
    Downflow or upflow regenerations
    Strong, durable Norly(r) valve body, weather/insect resistant one-piece slide cover
    Demand regeneration or timeclock versions
    9V battery back-up
    Will motor to a drain line shut off position if power fails during regeneration
    7 year warranty



    Fleck Control
    Easy programming
    Heavy duty Motor and gears
    Dependable – economical water treatment
    5 year limited warranty
    Economy unit


    NCS – Clack Control

    Solid state electronics micro processor
    Meter/smart technology saves salt and water usage
    Automatic 7 cycle control center high flow rates
    Pre-fill soft water added to salt keeper