At Leach & Sons Water Systems, we offer an array of products to ensure the finest water possible. Your project may call for all or one of the following; either way we guarantee you’ll “Love Your Water.”

At Leach & Sons, we do all the work so you dont have to. Our convenient salt delivery service is prepared to fulfill any order whether 1 bag or 1000 bags. Our product is 99.9% pure salt, which is not available at local stores. Not only do we carry the salt to your water softener and make sure the tank is full every time, we will keep detailed records of your salt usage. 50lb - pick up - $9.95 50lb - red out - pick up - $11.10

NCS - Clack Control

Solid state electronics micro processor
Meter/smart technology saves salt and water usage
Automatic 7 cycle control center high flow rates
Pre-fill soft water added to salt keeper

Bottle Water

3 and 5 gallon bottles available
Designed with long shelf life
3 gallon price $3.40 (pick up price)
5 gallon price $4.60 (pick up price)

Water Softener Cleaners

Water softener cleaners designed to clean, restore and maintain the life of water softeners. These products are formulated to treat water softeners with iron issues or for daily preventative maintenance.
Rust Out®, Softener Mate®, Res Care®, Ban T®

Water Neutralization

The specialty line of problem water care solutions are designed to raise or lower pH of problem water or protect against mineral staining and odor. These water treatment chemicals can be administered through chemical injection systems or manually.
Ban T®, Neutra Sul®, Neutra 5®, Neutra 7®, Neutralizer BlendTM

Greensand Filter Regenerant

Pro Chemicals provides three unique blends of greensand filter regenerants designed to rid the filter of iron and other minerals. These blends are powerful oxidants that are also effective for use when filtering manganese or hydrogen sulfide.
Pot Perm®, Pot Perm® Plus

Scale & Corrosion Control

The iron, scale & corrosion control solutions are designed to restore and maintain the life of water systems and equipment. These products are formulated to treat iron, hardness, scale build-up and corrosion.
Poly Guard® Crystals, Poly-Guard® Crystal Cartridge, Poly Guard® Crystal System, Poly-Guard® Powder,  Poly Guard® Liquid

Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Pro Chemicals provides superior NSF & EPA approved products formulated for sanitization and disinfection. These are specialized for use in common water treatment equipment.

Speciality Cleaner

Pro Chemicals provides a superior specialty cleaner designed to clean, restore and maintain the life of water using appliances. This cleaner is designed to dissolve mineral deposits and increase overall efficiency.


4 stage system
50 gallon per day capacity
Removes all dissolved solids
Design Faucets available
Premium quality water for cooking and drinking


4 stage system
75 gallons per day capacity
Removes all dissolved solids
Design Faucets available
Quick change filters
Premium quality water for cooking and drinking

Water Coolers

Water cooler
Cook cold coolers
Hot cold coolers
Home and Office Available
No Plumbing Needed
Spill Proof
Premium quality water for cooking and drinking

RO Filters

RO Filters available for most RO systems

Water Heaters

Electric gas and propane tanks available
Installation and repairs

Whole House Inline Filters

3/4 standard housing filters
Big blue housing
Double duty housing
Mounting brackets and wrenches available

Cartridge Tank Filter

Yields Higher Flow Rate
Longer lasting Cartridge life
Eliminates- odor, rust, sand, chlorine, tannins, dirt and bacterial iron

Vesta Single Tank
Visual Low Salt Alarm alerts when it's time to add salt to the system Water use is monitored for peak efficiency Built in backup of settings during power outages Regenerates only when necessary saving salt and water Simple diagnostics and design provide for easy maintenance Safety float system helps prevent overflow of the brine tank

Vesta Twin Tank
The twin tank design means you always have a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration process. While the one tank is in service, the opposite tank regenerates, giving you all the advantages of continuous soft water.

Vesta AIO
Efficient and cost effective single tank system for the removal of iron and Sulphur Additionally adds dissolved oxygen to the water Extended lithium battery back-up High quality filtration medias to target specific water problems

Vesta Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
Improves taste, odor and appearance of your water Minimize your exposure to contaminants Significantly reduces unwanted substances such as carcinogens, heavy metal ions, chlorine, salts and dissolved solids

Always Fresh SF-1000 Standard Flow Drinking Water System
Exclusive 5 Stage Design Exclusive & sanitary sealed with quick change cartridge Certified under NSF/ANSI 42/53 industry standards Limescale protection for your water using appliances Antimicrobial protection featuring Silver Zeolite technology

HT-765 Series
On demand metered system Self charging capacitor keeps date/time of day for 48 hours User friendly LCD display Brine safety valve for overflow protection 5 year Warranty Economy system