I’ve been doing business with Leach & Sons since 1998, after moving from California.  In 2022, after substantial leakage from my water softener system could not be repaired, the alternative was to purchase a Vesta water softener system that could handle the high iron, sulfur & magnesium issues out of the well water in Brownsburg.  Rex answered all my questions to my satisfaction & recommended a great system for a very reasonable price.  Rex & the installer were courteous, clean & very good at providing appropriate information about my new system.  Since I purchased a unit that took out the iron & reduced any unnecessary regeneration, I saved on salt addition due to not needing the more expensive iron reducing salt bags.  Also, the first two months, I have reduced salt addition by more than 50-60%.  The quality of the soft water has substantially improved & would recommend Leach & Sons for any water quality related services.

  • July 20, 2022by Sandy Leach